Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all of your questions about our products and services, so check out our FAQs or contact us for more information. For a free, personalized consultation, visit your local Hair Cuttery and speak to one of our Salon Professionals!

The health, safety and comfort of our Guests is our top priority. We always follow state requirements for cleanliness standards and are taking additional measures to protect against flu and other illnesses by providing complimentary hand sanitizer in all of our salons; as well as washing our hands, disinfecting our tools and wiping down chairs in between Guests.

We will gladly reschedule or cancel your appointment, and we never charge any reschedule or cancellation fees. Your Salon Professional is happy to assist you in finding another time for your visit.

You can also move your appointment to a time that works best for you through our Hair Cuttery mobile app, where you can book, reschedule and cancel appointments right from your phone!

Password must be between 6-10 characters long and may contain letters, numbers and special characters.

Go to the Guest Login page.
  1. Login or create a newaccount. Enter your email address and phone number or your Hair Cuttery card number. If you are a new guest, please enter your email address, phone number, and password to register.
  2. Click ‘Come in Today (Check in Now).’
  3. Please choose a family member and select a service. You can choose‘Same as Last Time’ and select fromprevious visits, or ‘Choose a Service’ to get a new ‘do. You will be prompted toselect a stylist andconfirm check in. View your upcoming visits anytime by clicking the ‘Check Ins & Appts’link.
  • Shampoo & Cut
  • Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry
  • Color Camo Men’s Package
  • Single Application Color
  • Color Camo
  • Beard/Bang/Neckline Trim

  • Shampoo & Cut
  • Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry
  • Style Express
  • Color Escape Package
  • Touch of Color
  • Single Application Color
  • Straighten Up Package
  • Shape Up Package
  • Shampoo, Blowdry & Straightening

  • Kids Shampoo & Cut
  • Kids Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry
  • Clarifying Treatment
  • Basic Do
  • All Soft REDKEN Chemistry Treatment
  • Bang/Neckline Trim

Make sure to tell the receptionist that you have already checked-in online and provide your stylist’s name.

Yes. You can check-in on your internet browser via the Hair Cuttery website or download the Hair Cuttery App from iOS App Store or Android App Store

Yes, you can. When you check in you can select ‘Same as Last Time’ or Start fresh by clicking ‘Choose a Service’. After you select your service, you are able to select your stylist.

1. Click the Client Login on the top right of the webpage.
2. Log into your account. If you do not have a login-please register.
  1. Once logged in-you will be directed to the ‘Check Ins & Appts’ page or you can click on ‘Check Ins & Appts’on the upper right corner of the webpage.
  2. Click ‘Book Future Appointment.’
  3. Choose whoto book the appointment for.
  4. Select the service.
  5. Select your stylist.
  6. A calendar box will come up with the days of the week. Your stylist has availability on the days that are highlighted in black clockwise. Pick a day to see appointment times your stylist has available.
  7. To see further dates, click on the view more cycle to scroll through the weeks.
  8. Pick a date and time that you would like to book an appointment.
  9. Confirm your appointment.
  10. View any of your upcoming visits on the ‘Check Ins & Appts’page.

Check with your stylist to make sure your email address is correct and that you are subscribed to receive emails.

When you enter your email and phone number the program brings back all matching salon guests. If you aren’t on the list, but know you have visited a salon, try using the phone number you may have used at the time.

If you see a misspelled name, please select and correct it on the next screen.

If your name is listed several times, select the last visit date and city, state along with the name that you are familiar with.

If you see other people listed under your phone number, the number likely belonged to someone else before. If this is the case, select ‘I am not on the list’ to create a new record. You can also contact Customer Service by going to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Loginto your account. Click on the ‘Find a Salon’tab. Enter your zip code or city, state to find salons in your area. Click on the ‘This Is My Preferred Salon’ link andyour preferred salon willbelistedas the firstsearch result. While you are signed in, the home screen will show this salon as your default salon.

Go to your Profile page. Input your birth month and day.

Go to your Profile page and select ‘Communication Preferences’. Under ‘I wish to receive appointment reminders’ ensure the ‘Via Text’ button is in the ‘On’ position. Note, a mobile phone number is required.

Login to your account. Click on the ‘History’ tab from the secondary menu and it will list all your visit history.

This page only show the primary account visit history. For individual family member history, please visit the ‘Same as Last Time’ option from the Check Ins & Appts process.

Our prices may vary by salon based on demographic or economic factors in our service areas.

We may add on an additional charge to some services for longer, thicker hair because it takes the stylist more time and additional product to service that hair type.

Examples of some services include color, perm, blowdry or styling.

Prices Vary By Salon

For salon prices, go to Find A Salon and click 'Pricing' for your preferred location. Ask about our Master Stylists. Please note Master Stylist prices are slightly higher. Add-on charges may apply for select services.